Sunday, 2 February 2014

More lecture notes

I am now posting notes up to Lecture 12.  Most of Examples Sheet 2 is on topics we will have covered up to Lecture 9. However, in Question 9 you need the definition of covariance, and this comes in Lecture 10. Remember also that if you want to read ahead there are other notes you can access (listed on the course information page). Here are some other things.
  • Corrections. I am continuing to receive help from students and others in finding small typos in the notes. By now the notes for Lectures 1-9 should be close to their perfect final form. If anyone wants to read ahead and sees any typos in Lectures 10-12, please let me know and I can correct them before we reach that point.
  • My handwriting. A student asked me to write more clearly. Fair comment. Since receiving that comment I have been trying to pay attention to this. I hope my writing on the visualiser is improving.
  • Visualiser (document camera). A student has written that the projection from the camera is dim and asked if it can be brighter. Have others a problem with the brightness? I will investigate. I think the visualiser is nice for a number of reasons. I can be always facing you (unlike blackboards), and it is centrally placed to give everyone a good view (unlike the two overhead projectors).  Some mathematicians like chalkboards. But I find them to be very messy and in the past I have had bad experiences with dust getting in my eyes.
You can write suggestions below, anonymously if you wish (but then I cannot reply to you). Comments are moderated by me before appearing. I will "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" anything you want to tell me about the above points, or other things. When the message is in the spirit of a 1-1 communication I will not release the post for public view.