Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Feedback request

In tomorrow's lecture, Wednesday March 5, I will distribute the usual feedback forms. Alternatively, in the comfort of your room you can complete this equivalent on-line form, or print the paper form here and hand it to me. If you prefer, you may wait until closer to the last lecture to complete the on-line form or hand me a paper form.

The on-line version will be sent to my email anonymously (unless you choose to sign your name). After reading the responses, I will forward printouts to the Faculty Office.

New to the course this year were
  • printed notes,
  • blog,
  • examples sheet "puzzles" section,
  • follow-up blogs about the examples sheets,
  • problem solving strategies page,
  • non-examinable "fun" topics (arsine law, Zipf's law, Benford's distribution, information entropy, actuarial mathematics in insurance, stochastic bin-packing, Kelly criterion, random matrices, and so on).
It will be interesting for both me, and perhaps other lecturers, to hear what you thought about those things - and whatever else you wish to say.

I could have skipped all the non-examinable stuff, and used the extra time to write-out more careful lecture notes. Instead, I have chosen to put (eventually ...) perfect lecture notes on-line and use part of each hour to chat off-schedule about some unconventional things which would not usually be included in a first (or even second) course in Probability, but which I think make interesting connections with our core syllabus.